Mo, 07.04.2014:

TestSPICE 3.0 rapid improvement – as reported approximatly 200 improvement suggestions were delivered by a international reviewer team. The most significant changes were discussed at the TestSPICE SIG Meeting April 7th 2014 at facilities of ANECON in Vienna.

TestSPICE SIG members at ANECON in Vienna: Peter von Bronk (Best Practice SWQ,, Andreas Nehfort (Nehfort IT Consulting,, Magda Ofner (ANECON GmbH,, Tomas Schweigert (SQS AG,, Thomas Roßner (imbus AG,

The TestSPICE SIG is looking forward to complete the next major update until end of April. So international review can be completed by May 31th 2014.

The TestSPICE SIG agreed that planned GoLive of TestSPICE 3.0 until August 1st 2014 is stable.


Mo, 07.04.2014, Training Preview 2014:

Offical TestSPICE Assesor Training will be avaliable by End of 2014. Pilot will be performed by ANECON 23. – 27.6.2014.


Mo, 31.03.2014:

Dear reviewers of TestSPICE 3.0,
The TestSPICE SIG gives a big thank you for all reviewers, who delivered final or preliminary versions. We received lots of hints how to improve TestSPICE. And it helped to develop the final timeline for TestSPICE 3.0. For all who did until now not deliver the final version of their comments, it would be a great support for the editorial team if you could send the final version until May 31th. If this is achievable we can launch TestSPICE 3.0 by August 1st 2014.


Februar 2014:

Soqrates-Arbeitskreistreffen bei Elektrobit Automotive GmbH in Erlangen.


Januar 2014:

Soqrates-Generaltreffen bei KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG in Mattighofen.


November 2013:

TestSPICE-SIG-Meeting bei SQS Software Quality Systems AG in Köln zu Review und Planung TestSPICE 3.0.


Juli 2013:

VOLKSWAGEN AG zeichnet ZFLS-MQB-Lenkung (Projekt-Unterstützung) mit VW Group Award aus.


Februar 2013:

ECQA Certified Functional Safety Manager Kurs bei Soqrates-Mitglied Continental.


Do, 18.10.2012:

MUK-IT Unternehmer-Roundtable (Keynote: H.C.Altmann), Messe München.


Mi, 19.09.2012:

Gate4SPICE (Lessons Learned aus 10 Jahren SPICE) bei BMW in München.


Di, 18.09.2012:

Soqrates-Meeting (26262 und SPICE) bei ISCN in Graz.


Fr, 14.09.2012:

TestSPICE-SIG-Meeting (Struktur TestSPICE 3.0) bei Methodpark in Erlangen.